Table of Contents


Part I: The Multidimensional Concept of Sustainability

  1. Concern for a Global Future
  2. The Emergence of Sustainable Development

Part II: Economic Development, Globalization, and Sustainability

  1. Economic Development and Prosperity: Current Theory and Debate
  2. Globalization: Technology, Trade Regimes, Capital Flows, and the Global Financial System
  3. Technological Change, Globalization, and Sustainability

Part III: Industrial Policy and the Role of the Firm in Pursing Sustainable Development

  1. The Importance of Technological Innovation
  2. The Role of the Industrial Firm in Achieving Sustainable Development
  3. Government Policies to Foster Innovation, Economic Growth, and Employment

Part IV: National, Regional, and International Efforts to Advance Health, Safety, and the Environment

  1. Regulatory Regimes to Protect Health, Safety, and the Environment: The United States Experience
  2. Regional and International Regimes to Protect Health, Safety, and the Environment

Part V: International Trade and Energy

  1. Trade Regimes and Sustainability
  2. Climate Change and Energy Challenges

Part VI: Strategic Policy Design for Sustainable Transformations

  1. Pathways to Sustainability: Co-optimizing Economic Development, the Environment, and Employment and Earning Capacity